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The GRRI-NJ Goldens featured below are currently awaiting placement in new forever homes.

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   Doesn't Like Cats 

    Doesn't Like Other Dogs

   Better With Older Children

     Special Needs


Hello there! My name is Kenny. I am a spry, active 12-year old boy who is in need of a new home. I lived with a nice lady for most of my life but, unfortunately, she lost her home and I had to move on. I am now living in a wonderful foster home with several canine companions. However, I would really like a home to call my own. I like to walk,...  click for more info 

Status: Adopted

Hi. I’m Luna. When I came into rescue last August, I was hoping to be adopted soon. Unfortunately, a chest X-ray showed a mass, probably cancer. The wonderful lady who was going to adopt me was devastated by this news. But, she loved me so much that she offered to keep me with her until it was my time to go to the Bridge. I now spend my days ...  click for more info 

Status: Hospice Foster

In addition, we receive new dogs into our rescue regularly, and generally do not place them on the website until we have evaluated their health, temperament and personality. At times we already have the perfect home waiting for some of our dogs who come in, from applications previously submitted. We typically have more dogs in our program than are shown here, all in various stages of readiness.


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